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Hippik is a lot of things—but it is not for the timid, the wallflower, or those without a sense of humor. You must know that if you wear our clothing, hats, and accessories, you will stand out in the crowd. You will be noticed. Our furnishings, art, accessories and other designs for home and farm are not for the cookie-cutter, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses types.

We’re like Anthropologie—if Anthropologie was run by Morticia Addams and the Addams Family left behind their mansion in the city and bought a farm. Or maybe we’re like the Sundance—but not so Western-style. And without Robert Redford. Or maybe like the old J. Peterman Company—but with groovier, weirder stuff.

Or maybe we’re not like any of those. Maybe we’re just like you. Just like something, but not exactly.

Live Out Loud

Our custom clothing and decor is created by using unique items made by dedicated artists, artisans and craftsmen, sourced individually and manufactured with integrity.

Live With Passion

By seeking excellent vintage and antique clothing, tack, equipment, and other awesome items with their own story, we create specialty items that can truly be called individual.

Live Authentically

We seek to inspire and support small manufacturers and their communities, sustainable farming and wilderness conservation practices, heirloom and traditional techniques and pursuits.