Hunting Jacket by Sarah Cannibal for Hippik Corset by The Bad Button for Hippik
Wool blazer by Ralph Lauren
Salvaged silk and vintage buttons

I have expensive tastes. Always have. I am, after all, a horse woman—one of those strange girls who emerges from the womb wishing for a pony and never stops wishing for a pony (or saddles and bridles and boots and fancy, horsey things) until she is dead.

But I am not fabulously rich. This might be a problem if I were not also fiercely resourceful. And maybe a little bit clever. Also devious. And I eat what I kill.
It’s been four years since I discovered that the blue-chip and mid-list designer clothes I bought by the armload from my local Goodwill translate to a nice little profits on eBay. 
But there’s a middle category of overlooked and undervalued items: stained, vintage scarves, leather skirts, the dated-but-excellent quality blazers yearning to be chic!
I can’t sell them. But I also can’t stand to just let them be pitched into a big bale of rags and cast off with the faded Wal-Mart crap and the sleazy, skanky stuff they make for 12 year-olds.
I find these lovely things—a hand-knit Irish cable knit sweater that someone put through a hot water wash cycle; gorgeous cashmere sweater with a snag in one sleeve; a buttery soft suede shirt that had nothing wrong with it except it’s a suede shirt, which simply never made any sense; an ugly-as-sin blouse with an oddly exquisite tatted lace collar; a moth-eaten vintage coat with a luxurious mink collar and mink-covered buttons. 
Wool and Cashmere Bomber Jacket
Sarah Cannibal for Hippik
Irish knit sweater
Cashmere by Pringle
Then dissect them—the lovely from the not-so-lovely, opening them up along the seams like carcasses and taking the finest cuts.
I reassemble them—why settle for my own mediocre tailoring skills when I can ride Ralph Lauren’s expert coattails? Why tat my own lace when I have swaths of the real thing made by tatters who really knew what they were doing? Why kill a new lamb for suede when there’s acres of suede skirts from the 1980’s to be picked up for next to nothing?