Who We Are

Sarah Coble  ·  Owner

“The two most important days in
your life are the day you are born
and the day you find out why!”
Mark Twain

It’s not passion I lack! It’s time to do everything I’m passionate about!

Some people’s life purpose and passions burn as keen as lasers, directing them exactly where to go and how to get there. Some of us spend most of our lives crashing enthusiastically from adventure to adventure, gathering our passions into large, patchwork of experience that, with luck and perseverance and a whole lot of faith, eventually knit themselves together into some crazy-quiltcool, big picture that makes you go, “aHA!!!!” “And then, you’ve got to really get to work.

The only things I was ever completely sure I wanted in life was to farm, design stuff, and have horses. But I’ve always been a bit of a weird horsey girl, always taking the path less traveled through dark and strange woods; going through Looking Glasses and falling down Rabbit Holes.”

Along the way, I’ve been: a stable hand and horse trainer, a bartender, a caterer, an architect, a stage hand, a costume designer, a sculptor, an art mule, an apprentice falconer, a vintage clothing picker and dealer, a fitness instructor, a writer, and a stay-at-home mom. And, with each thing (save for maybe the bar tending thing), I was fairly convinced that this thing or that was what I was born to do. Except, I was still tremendously interested in all the other stuff, too. I didn’t want to stop doing  something simply because I wasn’t brilliant enough at it to make a decent living doing it, or  because I finished writing the article, or because life changes and I had to change, too.

And finally, I just went and bought the farm. And the horse.

And I started designing an idea that would bring all the passions of my life together—including the farm and the horse.

A Wonderland sort of place for the different sort of horsey girl to find all kinds of really cool  stuff: equestrian-inspired art, fine craft, furnishings and fittings for home and farm and mews.  Custom- made riding and driving habits, blue-chip sourced vintage, and unique equestrian and  sport-styled apparel, equipment and accessories. New and vintage and consigned fabulous tack,  seasonal, exquisite sporting equipment from archery to falconry and fly-fishing. All made by the  most brilliant craftspeople, the finest artists and apparel makers that can be found.

It’s all stuff that I’m passionate about, made by people who are much better at it than I could ever hope to be. I’m here to set the scene and create the story—one that you’ll be tremendously  interested in.