I’ve always loved those old French posters for big fancy horse shows at the “[Quel-que-Chose] Drome Hippique.”
I’d already bought the domain name before I realized people would pronounce it “Hippie-cue.” (I wonder if they also pronounce “Antique” “Anti-cue.”)
So I stuck the German version on the front to give those people a heads up on how to pronounce the second one.
It’s from the Greek Hippo-meaning “horsey.”
People still trip all over their tongues with all kinds of hilarious versions.
Honestly–I didn’t think it would be that tricky.
So, as we’ve been developing the style and the look, we’ve been simplifying the name
“Hippik.” Pronounce it whichever way you can.
Or–just call us “that weird, artsy horsey sort of place with all the funky horsey stuff.”
But call us!